Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Studying for the NBCOT exam

As of yesterday I have studied 46 hours for the NBCOT exam. My goal initially was to take the test this Friday. However, our transcripts were just released on the 15th to be processed. Now I am waiting for an email from NBCOT that authorizes me to sign up for the test. I am going stir crazy.

I know I need to study and review information that isn't fresh in my mind, but I hit a mental block yesterday. I felt inadequate as a student, guilty for not studying more and anxious about the entire exam. To be honest it almost paralyzed me.

I decided I needed to do something to change my mood. I went to target to pick up some soothing and calming bath soak and drew up a bath. I powered down my cell phone and focused on breathing. Surprisingly last night I studied the hardest I have studied over the past week. Funny how just telling yourself that you deserve relaxation helps the situation. I reminded myself of that during the bath and as I was falling off to sleep last night. I deserve relaxation. I deserve peace. I deserve to be calm.

My next bug goal is to review hand injuries and splinting techniques. This is quite a large piece to review. It is also a piece that we reviewed in my first semester and didn't spend much time one, so I am sure I will have another mental battle over the next four days.

On the plus side I went for a 20 minute easy (and I mean easy) run today. I had a little pain in my right hip during the run. I really focused on stretching after the run as well so I can achieve my goal of completing a sprint triathlon in May. Hopefully I am able to return to White Lake, but this time do a sprint distance.

It feels good to finally be back to training for events!!!

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