Sunday, September 16, 2012

First trip home as a married woman

What an interesting and amazing experience to travel "home" as a married woman! A lot has happened in the past week and I am trying to process it all.

I left my husband at our home. We have been married for a mere three months (4 months on Tuesday). Before we were married we lived an hour away and would see each other on the weekends and sometimes through the week. I was more sad than I expected. I thought I would feel like I did when I would fly home when we were engaged. This time was different.

Home was refreshing, relaxing and calming. I left all my work and school stressors in NC. I wanted my trip home to be a trip that would energize me and renew my spirit so I would come back to NC ready for the last push until graduation. I got to thinking I want to create a space in our home that provides rest and relaxation for myself, my husband and our loved ones that come to visit. This got me thinking about what it is at my parents' home that provides that for me. Consequently, I saw a piece on The Today Show about The Happiness Project and Happiness at Home, two books by Gretchen Rubin.

What is it that makes me happy?
My husband
Exercising and having me time to think listen to music and process life
My Hanover friend
Feeling loved
Sitting on the beach and relaxing listening to the ocean

A theme in the above items is "me" time. I call the shots, I determine the mood, I renew my spirit and soul.

When I am engrossed in school work, I often put my needs second, third, even tenth on the list. This is often why I long for trips home or to the beach. These moments allow me to reflect on my life and the moments that have occurred between trips home. I am able to process and be grateful for my husband and our life in NC.

Although it was difficult leaving my home it was needed for me to renew and recharge my spirit.

My goal over the next few months left in 2012 is to strive to take time for myself and continue to make our home a place where we can renew and refresh our spirits.

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