Monday, April 12, 2010

Three Weeks Away

So I have been majorly slacking on writing for my blog. I guess I have been busy with living my life. When I say living my life, I have been working out, a lot. Then the Final Four came to Indianapolis, which was super fun. There were so many activities to partake in. I, however, only participated in drinking activities. I also want you to know there was a huge rain storm that blew through so I didn't end up going to see Darius Rucker. I did end up going to the Bud Light Tent to watch Butler demolish Michigan State. Well, it was a close game. It was so exciting.

Now you know where I have been let me tell you what I realized tonight.

As I was 20 minutes from completing my run, I thought to myself, I really want to document this experience. I have three weeks of training left, and really this week is the last big week before my competition (or should I say completion) of my first (and maybe only) Half Ironman. Just as I started to feel like I was carrying around 200 pounds and moving through mud, a man passed me and just say keep it up and clapped. It was so inspirational. It also helped that I was watching the sun set. It just put me in a wonderful mood. Listening to Dave Matthews Band, watching the sun set and being motivated to keep going by a stranger. Why do people not like running?

Here is my training this week so far...
Sunday, April 11, 2010: Run 55 minutes. Feeling good, challenging run, hot, but good overall.
Monday, April 12, 2010: Swim 1200m with my boss at 8am, 24 minutes. It was a challenging swim, but it helped that she was right there next to me, passing me.
Run 55 minutes at 7:30pm, tiring. My body was aching, bloody (yep, chub rub from Sunday exacerbated by today's run).

I came home tonight starving because I went too long without eating. I now have a headache from not eating soon after work. After eating everything in sight (I am talking 800-900 calories), I filled my bathtub with cold water, grabbed Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin. After fifteen minutes of sitting in cold water my legs feel a little better.

I hope I can mentally and physically prepare myself in the next three weeks, while staying healthy.


  1. hey kday, just wanted to let you know you are inspiring me!! i'm running a 10k (my first race everrr) in 3 weeks and i've been working really hard to get in shape for it... whenever it gets tough i remind myself that you're training for a triathalon and i need to quit whining and keep going! miss you!! xo

  2. I'm BEYOND proud of you Kristen... You seriously have no idea :) About that guy running past... best part of this entry... gave me goosebumps. Much love friend. Oh, and win tomorrow, k?