Monday, August 23, 2010

The Paths we Take

So yesterday was my 25th birthday, and I have been thinking a lot about where I am at in my life. I did not think in a million years I would be in North Carolina, getting ready to start grad school. I guess I thought my life would follow a pattern that I had really only been exposed to growing up. I would graduate high school, go to college, meet the man of my dreams, get married, and be 25 working and with a kid on the way, or already here. I am no where near this person I thought I would be. I also want to note that in no way am I upset that my life did not follow this pattern I saw.

After I got done with church last night, I really started thinking about the decisions I made that have lead me to this 25 year old that I see before me. The Gospel was Luke 13:22-30, talking about walking the straight path to God. Before I went to church I read it, and didn't really see that my path was straight, because it had been anything but. Father Bill was talking about how we need to set our sights on the end goal, and keep focused. Yes there will be hiccups along the way, but stay focused on the end goal.

What decisions have I made since high school that have gotten me to this point?
1. I went to Hanover and met my best friends. These friends have supported me and given me the confidence I now have.
2. I decided to work immediately after Hanover. This provided me the opportunity to meet another group of amazing people who helped give me even more confidence professionally. I also was pushed personally to achieve feats I never thought possible (see every blog post before this).
3. I decided to explore my faith, independently. I wanted to know that I wanted to be Catholic, not just be Catholic because my family was.
4. I applied to many schools out of state. I never thought I would be able to leave home, my support, my family, my friends, but they are the reason I am able to make it down here. I have so much love and support in my life I don't know what I would do without them.
5. I decided to finally take a risk in love, and have met an amazing man. I don't know what will happen with our relationship, but I know that I like him for who he is. I am comfortable with him, and can 100% be myself when I am with him.
6. I moved to North Carolina knowing that money would be tight, but I could do it. When I found out my work study didn't pan out, I panicked. How could I live on $50 a month? This would not be possible.
All of these things, especially the last two, I just have to believe and have faith God will provide. I have to put my trust in Him, and know that I will be all right. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I have to keep my eye on the long term goal (heaven), and the short term goals (being successful in school, and enjoying the moments I have with people that matter the most in my life).

At 25, I am very happy with where I am at in my life. I did not follow that normal pattern, but I have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. I know I have the love and support of my friends, family, and God. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). So thank you to all those reading for support me and loving me.

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